Spo-fans may recall I am considering attending one of two medical conferences this spring. Thanks to the encouragement of Someone, I will attend the Honolulu conference. I am Hawaii bound!

The Hawaii conference has many advantages: some of my cousins and a nephew live in Hawaii.  I also hope to visit with a friend I haven’t seen in a decade.

Of the two options, Hawaii is the social one. I can pow-wow with my fellow wizards, especially the ones light in the loafers. It will be nice to see colleagues. I’ve already heard from Jon N. he is coming to the convention. It will be swell to see Jon and meet his partner.

Conference attendees usually wear suits, but the APA website makes it clear this is to be ‘casual’ affair.  Everyone is to wear Hawaiian shirts. Needless to say, I am thrilled. For once I get to blend in and look like everyone else. Correction – BETTER than everyone else, thank you very much. Like an Oscar hostess, I plan to change frocks frequently. I hope my trunk space is adequate.

The entire 4 days could easily fill up with meetings. I will feel sheepish to respond to inquires “What did you see in Honolulu?” with ‘I sat in conference for four days”.  Going through one day of conferences will be challenge enough, but four days? I doubt my ADHD hummingbird mind will tolerate sitting still for all day lectures.

I should make some time to go see something. There are a few fabric stores to check out. I may skip the usual things like the Arizona Memorial and go see Doris Duke’s “Shangri-La” (by appointment only).

Well, I have 2 months to figure this all out.

Anyone going to be in Honolulu in mid-May?