Getting up at 530AM to go for a dog walk is getting into a routine. It certainly is in Harper’s. Even on weekends she whines and nudges to get me up and going. I’ve explained more than a few times we can sleep in on weekends but she is a firm believer in routines.  So every morning (except Wednesdays) I brace myself and take her.

Not far from our house is a park, which is hardly a park, for it consists merely of a large field surrounded by a sidewalk. This makes it ideal for dogs to run amok. Technically speaking Harper should be on a leash at all times, but at 530AM it is dark and there is no one about. So, if the coast is clear, she gets to run. Harper loves a good run. I slowly walk around the park’s circumference while she dashes back and forth, quick as a quarter note.  It is a heartwarming spectacle.

We’ve encountered no more javelinas on our walks, which in a way it is a disappointment. We see lots of rabbits, which drive Harper to distraction. I fear some day she is going to catch on of them.

I witness the early morning sky progress across the sky. When we started our walks, Gemini was sinking in the West. Nowadays Gemini is long gone and Leo is in descent. Soon the sun will be rising early enough our walks will be in the day light.

I think  on these walks, sometimes great cosmic things like why are we here and who am I and what will become of me. Other times my thoughts are more concrete such as what am I to do this day. If there is too much mind clutter, I can always talk to Harper, who runs ahead of me and pays no attention to anything I say. This makes me look silly but no one is there to see it.

On occasion we see a few cars. Phoenix drivers are awful but at 530AM they are lawless. They stop at nothing and they don’t mind the stop signs. The paper delivery person drives on any side of the street, going very fast and turning corners as if in a race. I’ve a mind to call and report the bastard for reckless driving.

I do not text, phone on these AM excursions. I like the quiet. So much of my day has noise and music; the calm of the day break is lovely.

So we keep walking. I am curious to see if we continue into the hot summer months. By then I hope to be trim enough to parade around sans shirt (that means without) and shock the neighbors – or at least the nasty paper delivery person.