Zounds do I have a trunk load of charts to do this weekend. Leaving work I felt like the Grinch hauling away The Who’s Christmas things.  My mood was as sour as the Grinch.  I stayed up late on Friday answering phone calls.  Enough about work.

This Saturday morning consists of a dog walk. We greeted the dawn and saluted the full moon, which was sinking in the West.


TPT and Urs Truly

I am off to the gym; I do hope The Personal Trainer isn’t too zealous for I am sore as a whore and in no shape to jump around or play butch with picking up heavy objects.


There is no lack of “Work to be Done” but first we are off to the HD broadcast of today’s Met performance of “Lucia”. For those who don’t know the story, it is a sort of Romeo/Juliet tale. In this version, Juliet is badgered into marrying somebody loathsome for her family’s sake, only to have Romeo show up and chew her out for being faithless. At the wedding reception a relative announces Lucia has gone to pieces and stabbed her new husband. In the infamous ‘Mad Scene”  Lucia  sings a 20 minute aria of really intense and crazy stuff while rolling around on the floor in a bride’s dress covered in blood.  Jolly good fun !

The rest of the weekend is paperwork, alas.

I stayed up late and got caught up with my blogs; it was good reading.

See you soon !