It is Sunday night; Someone and I are having a rare moment. We are sitting together, listening to music. Someone is reading a book while I write.  What is missing are the iphones – none are in sight.

Our experience with iphones A.K.A. The iprecious is less than a month old, so I hope our preoccupation with the dastardly things is understandable and a case of “this too shall pass”. Until that happy time we are lost into them. We are continually checking for new emails, searching for apps or learning how to work the apps we recently purchased.

I confess we’ve become the techy-types I criticize viz. people out in public but not talking or interacting as they have their noses to their Apple devices. This afternoon our happy hour was not spent watching Broadway videos or schmoozing, but staring down into our laps into our screens. Oh the shame.

These sordid devices are seductive, I see this now. Even as I write I feel a tug to get back on and find out who is born this day, what the sky has in store tonight, the latest news, and what new drinks Mixology can generate. My current reading books haven’t been touched in weeks. And don’t get me started on all the shirts I am supposed to do. The cut out bits have been on the backs of chairs so long they are acting as dust covers.

And all I wanted to do was make and receive phone calls.

I don’t despair. I did the same thing with AOL. I could not wait to get home to dial in and ‘catch up’ on all I was allegedly missing. That died down; so will Iphones – or so I hope.

If not, I may have to find an Iphone Anonymous group.

Is there an app for that?