I have lived with The Master and The Other Pet for almost a year. In early April 2010 they came to the Humane Society and chose me from the 3 other dogs. It all seems a blur. I can’t recall much of anywhere I was. I think my surgery soon after my arrival at the Humane Society wiped out my memory. I remember I went back and forth to pet shops hoping someone would take me home.I was scared to go home with them.  For a long while I wasn’t very outgoing. I even wanted to go back to the Humane Society!

But that was a year ago, and now I am quite comfortable and happy. My Master dotes on me. The Other Pet loves me too, although he tends to be cross when I get into bed ahead of him. I think it should be ‘first come first serve” but he is the alpha-dog after all.

The Other Pet is supposed to take me on Rabbit patrol every morning before Master sends him to day care.  Sometimes I have to nudge him awake when he forgets. I am not sure where The Other Pet goes. Sometimes I go to doggie day care, so perhaps he is goes to one himself.  Whatever, this allows Master and I time to ourselves. We have a lot of fun. I have to take a nap from all the activity.

The Other Pet comes home at sunset. He is sometimes in a bad mood about ‘too much homework’ whatever that is. “Home work” must be like a visit to the vet.  Because of his bad moods (or perhaps because he is the alpha pet) he gets to sit at table with Master.  I’ve learned to put my head in his lap and look upward with sad eyes. This gets him to give me things from his dog dish, although Master doesn’t like it.

So that is my life. I am a happy pup. My only complaints are I wish Master didn’t put me in soapy water baths and I wish The Other Pet would take some turns sleeping in the cage.