I play particular types of music depending on the season. Lent is no exception. My albums for Lent consists mostly of church music. Although the music ranges from 1100 to the present, Someone lumps them into the common category of “Old Dead Nuns”.  Some of my favorites include:

Gregorian Chant


Josquin des Prez

Tomas Luis de la Victoria


Arvo Part.

I believe we are as healthy as what we take into our lives and entertainment is no exception. The low key spiritual beauty of ODN is soothing and good for the nerves – and the soul. In the evening our house has the contrast of Someone in the West Wing watching “Law and Order” or “Battlestar Galatica” while I am in the East Wing hearing Hildegard von Bingen (who was the Medieval Age’s “Enya”).

It is lovely music, but not for everyone I suppose. After a long day of noise and shouting it cleanses my head and tucks me in for sleep.

Vespers calls.