Spo-fans may not know there is a hot tub in the backyard. In the summertime it is too hot to use, but the rest of the year it is lovely, particularly in the evenings, before going to bed. I try to soak in it every Sunday night, as a sort of ‘end of the weekend’ ritual. Arizona seldom has clouds, so I get to sit and look up at the stars.

Alas, the tub hasn’t been functioning. I’ve missed it. We will have out of town guests next month, so this prompted us to get the hot tub repaired. I am glad to say it is up and running and I am back to my Sunday night soaks.  It has a compartment where you can insert fragrant pellets to perfume the water. One choice is named “Summer Rain” – I kid you not !

I get very thoughtful when sitting in the hot tub. I gaze up into the night-sky and go inward into the inner compartments of my mind where no one has stepped foot. Sometimes my thoughts are simple ones, such as wishing for company. Most of the time I am thinking of the week just finished and the week ahead. Often my thoughts go cosmic; I contemplate Life, the Universe, and Everything.

Sometimes my musings get me down. I am nearly 50. It is easy to think upon all the mistakes I have made and the opportunities missed and wasted. I wonder where I am going and will I make it really. Sunday night hot tub  soaks can be lonely (Someone uses it in the day time when he can read).

How nice it would be to have a blogger hot tub get-together party. It seats eight, so I would have to take my blogger buddies (over 50 of them!) in batches. Which combinations of 8 would I make? It reminds me of “Meeting of the Minds” (if you remember the show).  Some of the octets (I am ashamed to say) may not be for intellectual process or star gazing! But seriously, how lovely it would be to sit and share our thoughts, under the stars, in bubbling swirling hot water.