Last week Sean of Idle Eyes suggested his blogger buddies make a video and “do something outrageous”.  I see a few blogger buddies take up his invitation.. I enjoyed seeing the shenanigans.

As is my wont, I am late to the party again. Doing something funny or outrageous sounds jolly good fun. After all, a little nonsense now and then is cherished by the wisest men. My challenge is doing something original, funny, AND successful getting past “The Censors”, to wit:

The Board of Directors

The APA secret police


Family members


I am not usually a ‘funny person’. I have some talent to be clever with words, but that’s about it. Telling jokes or playing the Fool are not my strong suits. So, what can I do? I’ve considered the usual possibilities:

1 – Drop my pants. Dropping one’s trousers to reveal outrageously colourful boxers has been judged funny since the times of the Ancient Greek. I don’t know exactly why someone loosing their drawers is hilarious . So this option is too cliche.

2 – Lip synch. This is always good for a laugh, but ‘everybody does it” and I am not a good actor/performer. Mind! I have Eartha Kitt down pat as she continues to live on in my head. Champagne Taste, anyone?

3 – Wear a dress. I apologize but my black strapless evening gown is at the cleaners. And all I have to match are are last season’s Pradas.

4 – Naked photos. The point is ‘doing something funny’; this does not qualify.

5 – Do some sort of dance. If you want to call it ‘dancing’. All I can do is waggle my old behind a bit aka Miss Trixie Delight.

So I have to think some more about how to meet Sean’s challenge.