I have A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Disorder). But I also suffer from C.D.D. (Centre of Attention Deficit Disorder). This dreadful disease often erupts on weekends and whenever “Law and Order” is on television.  C.D.D. is worsened by iPhones. Ever since ours arrived my C.D.D. has been in quite active.

Friday night is ‘Date night” ; we go out for a drink and then to dinner. Thanks to the iPrecious, Date Night’s theme song is “Three cigarettes in an ashtray”.

In my part of the country we have large billboards displaying Deadbeat Dads, DUIs, and people who vote Democrat in order to induce public shame.  From this I take inspiration ….

This is better treatment for C.D.D. than taking Prozac !