I’ve owned an iphone for a month . I’ve enjoyed exploring the available apps. Alas I haven’t found a few I could really use :

1. Itchr

Some apps transform the Iprecious into a camera, a plane leveler, a flashlight, and a calculator. The Itch app turns the  iPhone into a back scratcher.

2. ScruffGrinder

It screens out the rubbish and allows only ‘Quality’.

3. Spoduko

Spoduko is slightly bent variation on the more conventional game. Be the blogger with the quickest time to fill in my grid. While Spoduko can be easy, the higher positions are quite challenging.  (Note: this app costs 1.99$ but it comes with photos.)

4. Angry Turds

You can take a photograph of a pile of dog poop on your front lawn. It identifies the dog, the owner, and where they live (via GPS). You can either bring it back to the owner or email the bastard the photo with orders to come pick up what he left behind.

5. Face(book)saver

This lifesaving app plays back what Someone said 10 minutes ago, allowing you to listen to what should have heard if you had been paying attention.

6. Teafinder

A specialty GPS, it informs you if there is a nearby place where you can obtain a decent cup of tea or iced tea, home brewed, not made from a mix.  In the 0.99$ update it tells you the history of the East India Company.

7. NotAroundMe

It makes you unobtainable, or invisible, I am not sure which.

8. Shrink

At work, when you are stuck with ‘what to do’  the Shrink app generates ideas like a Magic 8 ball :

Increase the dose.  Change the meds.  Talk to your counselor.  It’s about your mother. (and)  How does that make you feel?

9. BitchPlease

This app warns you are about to make a major mistake in front of a group of queens. Examples:

That belt doesn’t go with your outfit.

You brought that hors d’oeuvre to Jim’s party and no one ate it.

The words to “If I could turn back time.”

Natalie Dessay did NOT star in Alcina, that was Renee Fleming.

and (gasp) –

You are wearing last year’s Pradas.




the most coveted  app of all :

10. Atropos

With a push of a button, you can silence all cell phones within a radius of 300ft. In the 5G it will be possible to do half a mile.

Hot puppies!