Last weekend, in preparation for out-of-town guests, Someone and I did some spring cleaning in the backyard. We replaced the plants worn out from use or had died in February’s frost.  We potted some succulents, herbs and a few pepper plants.

Like a fool, I bought some more tomato plants.

I am not asking to win the lottery or become a household word – what I want is to grow tomatoes.

Spo-fans know I sorely miss growing vegetables and tomatoes are my favorite. Back in Michigan I used to grow hundreds of them. My favorites were the heirlooms; they were my pride and joy.  Alas, I have not succeeded in growing one here in Arizona. Over the years I learned a lot, but apparently not enough to make a produce a tomato.  I had just arrived at the Kubler-Ross stage of ‘acceptance’ I am not going to grow tomatoes when I saw some in the garden shoppe.

These are (ugh) hybrids, but apparently bred for ‘heat’. Perhaps that is my downfall – I need a heat hardy variety able to stand up to 110 degrees.  It is worth a try. I have three plants and let’s wait and see.

I must be diligent in keeping them watered and protected from extreme heat. A few times while my back was turned some sort of nasty green caterpillar nearly destroyed my plants. Irony! I never had a bug problem in Michigan. DougT may be thrilled but caterpillars make my blood boil.

Lord willing, I may live to see a homegrown tomato after all. And I would be a happy Spo, not only for the treat, but for the satisfaction of success.

I will keep you posted.