Note -I am still up to my ears with work/not time to visit my blogger buddies. This makes me feels sad.

I am doing my darndest to get back on line ASAP!

This Friday I will do my civic duty and go downtown to my summons for jury duty.  I am proud to do so. I get summoned from time to time, but I never get picked. I am quickly rejected. I am a board certified psychiatrist, with experience in court ordered treatments and commitments. I have clerked in a law office.  Sometimes I don’t even get past the ‘P” word.

This is a disappointment, as I am interested in being on a jury. It is another of life’s unfairnesses: the people who want to be on a jury – can’t, and the people who don’t want to are forced to do so.

Patients call me all the time asking me to write them an excuse to get out of jury duty. I find this annoying, not only for the time it takes me to fill out the forms, but for their attitude viz. jury duty as something noxious. I first try to get my patients go tell the judge themselves you feel you can’t serve on the jury. No, ‘they want a letter’.

I have learned jury duty excuse letters can not be subtle.  I tell patient obliging me to write one  to ‘be prepared’; the note will sound bad. Here are a few notes I have written, paraphrased:

Please excuse Dicky Purdy from jury duty as he is crazy as an outhouse rat. Dicky Purdy shouldn’t be in a jury, for he is totally untrustworthy and I would not trust him to wipe his own nose.


Dicky Purdy has no coping skills and I pity the poor sod whose legal matter is dependent on his moods.

But not I.  I will be there on time Friday morning, in a suit and bow tie (which makes me already an object of suspicion) with my summons. One hour later I will be away, pleased I was a good citizen and at least tried.