I got this wonderful MEME from Hanuman (the dear!). I always liked the works of Mr. Disney.  At one point I considered training as an illustrator for Walt Disney Studios, to work on their animation films.  I had my portfolio all ready, but I got too scared to move away to Florida. So it is “the road not taken”. However, I keep an eye out on Disney movies. Not only for their graphics but how well they capture the psychology of the story.

As is my wont, I lifted the meme and edited it.  A thousand pardons, Mark! 

Which Disney film is your favorite?

Fantasia. It has great merits and many faults, but it is the one I continually want to watch over and over. Close 2nd: The Jungle Book.

Which Disney Princess” Disney Film is your favorite?

I don’t care for the princess movies as much. The Little Mermaid wins, for she has the greatest Journey through Sacrifice to get her Happy Ending Marriage.

Which Disney film makes you cry the most?

Dumbo. Mother had to remove me from the theatre as I cried so much during “Baby Mine”

Which Disney film makes you the happiest?

Peter Pan, just to hear Jas. Hook’s hysterical howls.

Which Disney film has the best music?

The songs make the Disney films.  I would argue Pinocchio has the best tunes, and is probably his best animated film.

Which Disney film has the best love story?

Most films have the hero trying to gain the heroine or vice versa. So it is a one sided story. Lady and the Tramp is a mutual struggle, so the story and happy ending has more power.

Who is your favorite Disney Princess?

Snow White is saccharine.

Cinderella only becomes a princess by marriage.

Ariel is too tomboy

I haven’t seen Pocahantas but she sounds too PC

and Jasmine is too sassy so….

that leaves Aurora, Sleeping Beauty, a proper princess !

Who is your favorite Disney Prince?

Wart in The Sword in the Stone. The little schlepp with a good heart discovers his inner prince rather than is one.

Who is your favorite Disney animal sidekick?

Baloo from The Jungle Book.

First Disney movie you saw?

Mary Poppins

Were you frightened by any Disney Films? 

Snow White’s stepmother

Pinocchio on Pleasure Island

The ‘rat scene’ from Lady and the Tramp

Who is your favorite Disney main character animal?   

I want to vote for Ka the snake.

Which Disney movie do you dislike?

While I admit it is a great coming of age story, I don’t care for Bambi.

Who is your favorite villain?

I like the outrageous ones; Cruella deVille, Madame Medusa, and Captain Hook.   For pure evil, give me Cinderella’s Stepmother.     The bitch.

What is your favorite Disney song?

It is “Candle on the Water” from Pete’s Dragon, but I can see the comments already “that doesn’t count”.

Out of the animated films, it is Cinderella’s “A Dream is a wish your heart makes”.

and – a bonus –  my favorite Disney photo –

“Feel the Magic”