It’s confirmed: the clinic is hiring another shrink! I will have a colleague! I am looking forward to a colleague with whom I can bounce off ideas and consultations. It’s always good to have two psychiatrists around (especially if they are ‘different’). This allows patients to go from one to the other if dissatisfied. I am even more pleased about a rumor he is bringing with him a medical assistant. This heaven sent person could relieve me of some scut work.  Praise be!

Nephew #1 turns 13 years old this weekend. It is hard to imagine. At the last time I checked in he was a mere tot, or so it seems. It doesn’t help that the photo on the fridge is frozen at 6 years old. Brother #2 is feeling time passing way too quickly. I concur.

Someone is going to go to Chicago over Memorial Day weekend, not for IML, but for a fun run.  I will be ‘home alone’ for the first time in nearly 15 years! What a concept! More to follow on this one……

A lot of my usual past times have dried up ever since the Iprecious made its debut in our household. I hoped the newness of the thing would have passed by now. I haven’t touched a book in ages; my sewing is neglected. There are other activities sorely neglected around here as well, alas. Time to take drastic steps !

Sumer is icumen in, Lhude sing cuccu!….. The other day it was hot enough to make the year’s first batch of sun tea. I use Yunnan, which is a ‘red’ tea from China that doesn’t get bitter for sitting out in the sun all day.     Delicious!

Spo-fans may recall the west side of the house is haunted by Henrik the ghost. Last week we had house guests and there was no sign of him. I guessed Henrik had scrammed. Last week Mr. Henrik crept up behind me while I was putting clothes into the washer machine. He spoke, which caused me to jump and let out a shriek. I laid in on him don’t ever do that etc. Someone came a-running to see if I had hurt myself and who the hell was I talking to. I explained. Someone wasn’t empathetic; he doesn’t ‘buy’ the concept of Henrik as he has never sensed anything.  This proves nothing of course.