I want to assure Spo-fans far and wide I am not changing the name of my blog. The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections sent me a certified letter stating under no circumstances am I to change the name, lest “reprimands be swift and severe”.  While they dislike “blackmail” as an ugly word, they are at ease with ‘a vicious threat’.

Speaking of potential problems, I received a letter from the IRS stating ‘dear taxpayer….”  I’ve been chosen for a tax return examination. I think this is a random act, so I should not sweat.  I am an honest man who uses the same reputable accountant year after year. This letter didn’t stop my Midwestern mentality from immediately assuming I did something wrong and I will be hauled away and thrown into irons.

Someone and I bought some furniture consisting of simple but tasteful sofa and chairs. These replace the ones scratched up from our cats. The Salvation Army has gotten snippity in their pick ups; they took one look at them and firmly declined to take them away. So! It is time to call the “Take junk away” people, who can take half of the house with them for all I care.  Meanwhile the new furniture arrives  and there is no where to put it.

Alas, I am up to my ears again with work. I haven’t had a free moment to go a-visiting with my favorite blogs. I hope to do so tomorrow night, even if it means staying up late to do so. This interferes with my beauty sleep but what the hell.

I need to pressure the Spo-fans with the traveling shirt to move it along a little faster. I am grateful of course for all who have it. I am getting some emails from ‘those waiting’ eager at their turn. I have a goal to get the list done by Labor Day, lord willing !

That’s all for now; I must dash –  I have dictations to do!