I work in a ‘service’ occupation. This means I have to be courteous or at least civil, even in the face of rudeness. I am also a physician and a psychiatrist, so being emotional is a bad thing.

My blog has similar standards. I have to ‘keep it sweet’ as my siblings like to say. At any point my blog is being read by my family, my patients, the APA secret police, and the Board of Directors Here at Spo Reflections.

I was also raised to be well mannered and a gentleman.

So what the f*ck can I do?

Every once in a while I want to rip loose. Drop my trousers. Run amok. Use language to make a sailor blush and ‘tell all’.  Get in touch with my inner Tiberius. Moon the audience. Disclose vile and wicked fantasies. “Come out” as it were and put in writing (for all the world to see) my lecherous and depraved notions about certain bloggers and waiters whose fingers I would gladly lick clean.  Post certain photos. Flip the bird. Pick my nose. Let out my inner Hannibal Lector – you want manipulation? I’ll give you manipulation! I got your prescription right here mister.

But this never happens.

Sometime I have an evil urge to set up an alternative blog “Spo-Refractions”, a blog with one of those Blogger orange‘warning’ bars that is invitation only and no one under 18 admitted (or without a raincoat). But the Jungian in me knows nothing is more bitchy than a cut off cast out Shadow. I’ve read “The Bacchae”; I know what happens.

Sublimation is useful, especially when it involves irony or (better yet) rolling down grass hills. Better yet, Spo-fans far and wide are invited to drop by someday and sublimate my Shadow with me. I promise to make you a good cup of tea.

Excuse me the phone is ringing. It is either The Board or the APA or my brother ………