This week we have a houseguest, J, whom we met in Key West years ago.

J recently sold his condo in NYC, bought a truck, and travels the country, visiting friends and seeing the sights. After visiting us, he goes to Palm Springs for a month – “to see if I like it” – for a potential place to live. J arrived a few days ago in his brand new truck and six crates of possessions.  He explains he ‘sold everything’ and kept only enough to fill these six crates.

Six crates.

I haven’t asked him what is in these six crates. I sense they are mostly clothes. Yet and still, it intrigues me to imagine what is in the six crates. Another question: what would I pack if I were to drive off and I had only six crates to fill?

Someone thinks I could not do it. I think I could. But what would I bring? Necessities? Precious momentos? Papers? My collection of rubber stamps?

Narrowing it down may help: I if were to leave Arizona, Someone, my career, my life etc. what 6 things would they be?   I suppose I would bring oh so practical items like my passport, prescriptions, and some underwear.

I don’t have time today to take this further, but soon I want to consider this philosophical poser.

6 items.