Tra La it’s May and my calendar reminds me I go to Hawaii in 2 week’s time.

I will attend a medical conference lasting 3-4 days. I will be in Honolulu. Someone is not going. I haven’t traveled alone in nearly 15 years. I confess I feel odd to do so. Someone always does our travel plans (he is very good at this). For once I have to get to the airport, find the hotel, and feed myself without him holding my hand. A part of me feels like a scared 6 year old – how the heck am I supposed to get around and not get lost? I suppose if other 50 year old men can do this, so can I.

At this point the trip doesn’t feel exciting as it is not a holiday. Most of the time I will be in a lecture hall.  If I wanted, I could be ‘in class’ from 7AM-8PM every day. My hummingbird brain won’t allow me to sit still for that long, so I must think of other things to do.

One of the advantages of traveling sans Someone is I don’t have to do or plan anything. Usually our trips are well planned long before arrival; we find what there is to see and do and schedule accordingly. This time I will “make it up as I go along.”

My tentative plans are minimal. I will contact a nephew who attends the University of Honolulu and see if he will go out to dinner. We can either eat swanky (my treat) or go to a local eatery on campus where I will can see the  campus and feel 100 years old.

I also want to check out the local fabric shops.

Other than getting some medical credits and 3 yards of something fabulous, I have no further expectations.

I suppose this makes it an adventure.