I am a scientist, so Carl Linnaeus is dear to my heart. For Spo-fans not scientifically inclined, Dr. Linnaeus is best known for putting living things into categories. This is called taxonomy. All creatures fit into a kingdom, a phylum, a class, an order, a family, a genus, and finally a species. Biologists like to put things into their proper place, and so do I.

I also have ADHD. Like a lot of people with hummingbird brains* I make lists  to keep things organized.  Between these two afflictions I am forever putting things into categories and composing lists, sometimes just for the fun of it.

I read a lot of blogs. Every season I tidy up the bookmarks and discard those no longer writing (alas) and add new ones that seem to be keepers. I read dozens of blogs; I can’t open all of them at once.

You can see where this is going: I like to put them into lists and categories.   I clump them together into packets of 8 to 12**.

Like biology, bookmarks for blogs are continually being rearranged, depending on the latest data. The majority of my blogger buddies have backbones (Phylum cordata) and are of the genus Homo***, so this goes without saying.

Sometimes my Linnaeus lists are divided by blogs types (WordPress vs. Blogger). Sometimes they are dependent on the frequency of new entries (daily vs. hardly ever). Perhaps I will have an “A” list of bloggers who are my favorites (for now anyway). At times my blogger bookmarks are arranged by age or location or NSFW status. Jolly good fun.

This weekend is another time for tidy up. I fancy I will group them by how they resemble each other. That’s how traditional taxonomy did it, before DNA testing came along and took all the fun out of it.  Perhaps I can base the new taxonomy on fashion sense.  Dr. Linnaeus, eat your heart out.

*family Trochilidae

**family Queerboysidae

***very Homo