It is Saturday morning and for once I have nothing to do. The personal trainer blew me off to go to Hawaii to get married this morning (the audacity!) and there is no ‘live from the Met” to consume five hours of my day.  So what to do?

It is about 100 degrees and our allergies are raising a ruckus. Poor Someone has eyes like cherry tomatoes. Even Harper seems sluggish. We may cave in and turn on the air to cool down and clean out the crud.

As Spos far and wide like to say “There is work to be done!” and these is no lack thereof. I think I will get my haircut and trim so I can look my best for tonight’s Cinco de Mayo pool party.  I should go to the gym and get buffed up, so if I get into the pool I won’t feel too piggy.

A Spo-fan (the dear!) sent me a salsa recipe which I plan to make for tonight’s party. Someone will probably make one as well.

One can never be too rich or too thin or have too much salsa.

Of course there is a lot of paperwork to do, for what is weekend without paperwork? Perhaps I can work on the much-delayed Spo-shirts.  I’ve given up making a new one in time for Hawaii next week.