Spo-fans know I am found of collecting old cookbooks, especially ‘church’ cookbooks.  By now I have shelf full of them.  

DougT of Gossamer Tapestry has friends who send out (in lieu of a Christmas card) a booklet of recipes they have made since the last year. 

These two matters have come together in my head. I am considering making a cook book of my own.

Heaven knows the world doesn’t need another cookbook. And I need another time consuming project like I need a hole in my head.  Nevertheless, some inner voice (which sounds strikingly like The Best Friend’s) is saying ‘Oh yes! You must must MUST make a cookbook!”.  So I think I will get the ball rolling.  This may take years, but I think the process of doing it is the point, not the outcome. 

There is another option. I could make a book of recipes from bloggers and put them into our own version of the Church Women’s Cookbook”. A sort of  ‘Breakfast with Bloggers”. I think it would be jolly good fun !  And I get the benefit of having everyone’s favorite recipes ( please include cocktails).  

Oh dear, that make TWO cookbooks !

Would anyone be interested in contributing?  I have no clue what I am doing, but I think it would sort itself out.