Spo-Reflections has no ‘point’; there is no goal to speak of. Nevertheless it was started for my desire for self-expression through composition. From time to time I recall this original notion and I try to sit down with the intent to write something exquisite. It is precisely at these times when my mind goes completely blank. There I am in my own little purlieu, hot cup of tea at my side, only to stare at the screen with no more thought than what to have for lunch. The Muses prefer a subtle delivery or a quick goose when I am either unprepared or inconvenienced.

Once in awhile I get a numinous thought that comes close to solving the Riddles of Life but these usually happen when I am asleep and by the time I wake I can’t remember a thing.

This week there isn’t much to ponder. My thoughts are concrete and sensible: getting back on my diet, what to do with the old furniture (now that the new ones arrived), do we have any clean handkerchiefs. That sort of thing.

People at work ask me if I am excited about Hawaii. The answer is I am not. Although it is only a few days away, it feels no more real than a trip to the moon. After all, I am going to be in conferences for most of the time. Perhaps I will get excited when I start to pack.

On the positive, I will have plenty of time to read books and catch up on my puzzle games (for it is a very long flight).

Perhaps I will think of something exquisite or numinous to write –  with a hot cup of Kona coffee at my side.