My right eye socket is inflamed. It started as a large corner ‘bump’ and spread across the upper eyelid, circumventing the eye. The whole socket is swollen now and my eye is half shut. I look like a very bad portrait drawn in art class;  the asymmetry if obvious.

Someone suggested I tell people I am the victim of domestic violence, but the lack of a bruise is a giveaway.

To prevent further geeks a gawking ( and to assist my vanity) I should get an eye patch.  A black eyepatch can be a bit sexy looking.

I can pass myself off as a pirate

or a god  (I already have the ring)

or advertise men’s shirts (oh Freud!)

By the time I find a patch to purchase the swelling may be gone. I sure hope so. Meanwhile I am walking around looking like Quasimodo;  it is not a pretty sight.

A fine way to make my Honolulu debut !