Last night while packing I finally realized I am going to Hawaii. Until yesterday the trip was merely an abstract idea, like going to the moon. I packed up some shirts, plenty of puzzles, some underwear (no rubbish), and I am all ready. Someone drove to the airport and we had an emotional farewell. I managed to get through security by myself. I am officially on my way – and on my own.

It is a peculiar feeling to be traveling alone. Someone always does such a nice job of taking care of everything; I get to be a big boy and do it myself.  The flight is 6 hours. I have to find some way to get to the hotel (where the queer shrinks will gather). Once there – what?

I have no plans for the day. What a delightful idea. Someone is insistent I don’t spend 4 days merely attending conferences and  sitting in my hotel room. I have to ‘get out’ and do things and see the sights.

A nephew, who attends The University of Hawaii, called and we will  get together. I invited him out “for couple of beers”.  He reminded me at 18 years old he can’t drink. Opps. I get to meet his girlfriend; they seem ‘serious’.

Blogging never ceases to amaze: last week a Spo-fan came forward to tell me he is ‘in town’ this weekend. He lives in Hawaii; he has been a Spo-fan for sometime. His partner and he would love to meet up, I am thrilled and grateful at this opportunity.

My suitcase is half empty, in anticipation of hauling home fabrics and shirts and medical conference post-its and pharmaceutical pens.

I will keep everyone posted.