Brothers and Sister-in-laws #3 and #4 both have little girls, who are turning two. SIL #4 has the advantage she’s had a little girl before, so it should not be too shocking. All the same, I don’t envy them their task. I am keen to hear who has the worse ‘terrible twos’: Princess-Goddess or Warrior-Queen.

Patients sometimes ask me for advise on the kiddies. I explain to them (in more professional terms than here) I haven’t a clue towards child rearing, particularly little girls. Being the oldest of four brothers, I have some recollection of how little boys are, but little girls might as well be from outer space.

I’m afraid my ideas of how to raise up munchkins is a morbid combination of Auntie Mame and Uncle Shelby.  That is the benefit of being an old bachelor uncle; I get to be the crazy uncle with all its perks and none of the poop.

I am sending good vibes towards Princess-Goddess and Warrior-Queen and their parents to survive the next year well enough for me to get my crack at them to buy them ponies and loud instruments to learn to play.