Last night was a cocktail reception for the shrinks who are light in the loafers. It was on the grounds of The Honolulu Aquarium. I was eager to go, for it was one of the goals of the journey: powwowing with my fellow wizards. Although I have been a member of this group for years, I haven’t attended anything until now. It seemed I was the only one there alone/who didn’t know anybody. I got over my natural shyness and practice what I preach to my patients  viz. ’Go up to 10 people and introduce yourself’. And guess what? I actually met 4 shrinks who live/work in Phoenix!  I thought I was one of only two total Friends of Dorothy (M.D.) in the Valley. I hope this turns into both a social and a professional network system.  I also met a young man who hopes to go to medical school. He talked to me about becoming a doctor. I felt good to give advice/help out but oh boy it made me feel old. I am an Elder !

I blew off today’s seminar on transcranimal magnetic stimulation (jolly good fun!) to sleep in and have a proper breakfast. For somebody who does not drink coffee, I had a 3 cups.  I feel rather odd, as if on edge. Today’s plan was ‘do nothing I suppose’ until tonight’s flight. At breakfast I ran into a colleague whom I met at last night’s wingding. We are going to go on tour of the town today.

As stated I am looking forward to going home; I am homesick. I want to see my dog. I want to breathe air without humidity.  But most of all, I want to see Someone. There is a line in the movie “The Women”  (most Spo-fans will know this) where a mother tells her grown daughter “There is nothing like being left alone for a man to appreciate his wife.” I know this now. This was my first time (and hopefully last time) traveling without Someone. I miss him.