It is Wednesday night and I am up to my ears in work. This is the price for going away; I come back to a pile of charts all needing my personal care. I just finished with 24 ‘call backs’ so I am too pooped to write out anything long or clever.

Someone reminds me we are having a theme party this weekend, titled “End of the World Party”. We need to start working on the hors d’oeuvres and I need to make a punch. The mind boggles; what sort of booze does one serve for The Rapture?  The punch recipes I know are more likely to make people pass out, not pop out of their shoes and into the great beyond. I fancy making something called

Smurf Juice: a simple mixture of blue curacao, white wine, and ginger ale.

Well, Wednesday night is not a good night to plan a party. I need to tidy up and get ready for sleep – in my own bed! I am looking forward to this, Harper at my side.

I am eager to go a-visiting with my blogger buddies (far and wide) as soon as possible, which looks to be this weekend.

See you soon!  It is so good to be home!