It is Sunday and everything is more or less the same. One thing about this last Rapture nonsense: it produced a lot of revelry. It was sort of like Hallowe’en (with its pranks) and New Year’s Eve. I wonder if that 89 year old fellow will predict another (third time charm).  By the way, this just came in from CA …..

Yesterday we had an ‘End of the world party’. It was one of our more successful dos. We were 14 in total. The guests mingled well and the food was fabulous. One guest exclaimed after giving me a hug “Oh, you have muscles now!” which pleased me very much.
I made a punch that seemed well received; it is worth repeating. Here it is –

Mike’s Fuzzy Balls

1 part Midori

1 part Peach Schnapps

1 part Vodka

3 parts grapefruit juice 

3 parts cranberry juice (real juice, no rubbish)

Now it is back to the usual: paperwork, exercise, and Sunday chores.

What is not going to be ‘usual’ is going back to work. I ‘move’ tomorrow. The bosses have been renovating an additional suite in anticipation of the new shrink who arrives 1 June. Over the weekend my office was moved into the new wing. My new room has two (not one) windows. It has easier access to the kitchenette so I can be more adherent to The Personal Trainer’s diet instructions. I will be closer to the tea kettle (that alone is worth the move).  Besides, there is nothing like a new frock to brighten up the day viz. a move feels fresh and exciting.

Most important of all is the arrival of the new medical assistant. I hope she is able to considerably reduce my scut work. Wow! Who knows? I may even be able to have weeknights and weekends free of homework? What does one do in the evening hours other than dictation and telephone calls? I am eager to learn.

I apologize to Blogger buddies far and wide I have been neglectful at dropping by. I hope to remedy this this afternoon.