An app I find useful and amusing is  It sends out a daily word. As a consequence, I’ve incorporated some fancy words into my vocabulary. They are like spices: curry, cumin, or cayenne pepper to sprinkle here and there to liven up things.  Here’s a few –






callipygian  (such a good word!)

Recently presented

Epigamic – adj. “Attracting the opposite sex, as the colours of certain birds, particularly for the male towards the female”

This word isn’t very useful. The straight men I observe and know seem to go in the opposite direction viz. they dress as colourless as possible. On the other hand, I know many light in the loafer males  who dress up like peacocks and/or trying their darndest to attract other members of the Tribe.

Leather, drag, designer clothing – anything and everything fabulous, outrageous or in the height of fashion.

I can’t find the queer equivalent for epigamic.  “attracting the same sex etc.”

Does anyone know of a word? Can we make one up (aka neologism)?  The winner gets a sequined spandex 3 piece suit (with purse and pumps to match)