Someone is in the process of packing for his Memorial day weekend in Chicago. This weekend he is running a half-marathon and visiting some chums. They plan to take him into town for IML. Jolly good fun!

This leaves me ‘home alone’. I have not been so in years.

Although I will miss him I am looking forward to the solitude. It will give me time with Harper; hopefully she won’t fret too much for Someone’s absence (it will be her first time home alone without Someone as well).
Someone and friends joke as soon as he is dropped off at the airport I will have flight attendants running amok in the house* but truth be told I want to hole myself up. I will have lots of homework (what weekend doesn’t?) and a pile of shirts to do. I am quite overdue finishing some shirts I promised a couple of  Spo-fans.  Then there are the shirts to make for my Key West traveling companions. If that isn’t enough, I have the fabric from Honolulu to attend. Indeed! It will look like a sweat shop.

The personal trainer will see me Saturday morning.  I wish to visit the Mac store and inspect the latest Dragon dictation service. I’ve been meaning to clean out the closet clutter. And then there is Harper. I wonder how needy she will be without Someone.

If this sounds all rather drab, rest assure I will enjoy it all immensely.

For a Memorial Day treat, Someone bought me some ground round. Every year I like to grill Memorial Day burgers. These consist of various ingredients mixed into the meat to coif it up. My favorite recipes come from the Ruby Ann Boxcar Trailer Park cookbooks, so you can imagine.

I hope to have lots of time to read my blogs. Proper reads, no skimming as I sometimes do during the week days.

If I feel too stir crazy I may send up flares.

*More likely a Marine sergeant.