It is quiet here in the Land of Spo. Normally Someone has the TV going 24/7, which is heard throughout the house as a sort of background music. The TV is off and will be so for the next 4 days. As a consequence, it is eerily quiet. The silence is only interrupted by the motor of the AC. It gives me the willies.  Harper is not at ease either; she misses her Someone.

A few hours ago a mug fell out of nowhere and shattered all over the floor, making us both jump. I hope Henrik isn’t going to be too difficult this weekend.

Friday night is being spent doing as much paperwork as possible to free up the rest of the weekend for ‘Spo chores’ viz. sewing and tailoring and going to the Mac store. Someone asked our mutual friends to check in on me lest I ‘work all weekend’.  I am supposed to make an appearance at an office party tomorrow night.

Being alone has some advantages. I am playing music normally gives Someone headaches.  Here’s a few –


Kate Bush

The Specials

Lola Beltran

Tonight I get to spread out in bed like a swatsika.

Tomorrow I will have a little mayonnaise on my burger bun. Mayo makes Someone very ill so it is normally banned from the house.

That is all the (non) news from my part.