Family members and people who get excited easily may want to pass over this one. 

Having an iphone opens up the wonderful world of apps and one of them is Scruff. For those who don’t know this app, Scruff is an iphone social system. Men post a photograph of themselves (or bits of themselves) and information as they wish to share. The usual bits are what they do and what are they looking from another Scruff member. Unlike its grandfather, AOL M4M, Scruff tells you how far away are the other members and who has been ‘checking you out’. Someone and I decided to join Scruff partially out curiosity to see what it is like, and possibly to meet new chums. So far we haven’t met any friends. This may be because the main point of Scruff is to find quick pick ups. Or so I suppose; I am too new to know for certain.  But it is jolly good fun to “people watch” .

Normally I am never around young people. Thanks to Scruff, for the first time ever, I am hailed by youngsters. I am somewhat charmed anyone 18-25yo would bother to talk to me let along find me handsome. It is fascinating talking with “kids”. First of all, they text late at night just as I am trying to go to sleep. Second, they don’t seem to know or use full sentences or even proper grammar. Third, it is a bit of a game trying to figure out what they want. My natural proclivity to be nosy (after all it is my living) gets me asking why are they here and what are they after.

Shocking conclusion: most youngsters on Scruff seem to be looking for daddies. I guess I qualify.  So I take on the ‘daddy’ role – of giving council and advice along the lines of ‘been there/done that”.  Apparently this is not the ‘Daddy role’ they are after, for I  lose their interest and they go away often abruptly. I text only to have no response. Upon investigation, I discover Junior has ‘signed off’. This deprives me of the paternal role to tell Mr. Chew-toy  it is bad manners not to say thank you and good-bye.

Ah well.