It was 30 May 2005 when I moved across the nation to start life here in Arizona. It was 30 May 1630 when the first Spo arrived in North America. His name was William. He put the ‘Ur’ in Urspo.  He came to Dorchester, Massachusetts with his fellow Puritans.

WILLIAM Spo 39 Dorchester, Dorset
  Susan Capen, wife 28 Dorchester, Dorset
  Joan daughter 5 Dorchester, Dorset
  John son 2 Dorchester, Dorset

He was a deacon. The records indicate he was in charge of the  colony’s “three cowes”.

My great aunt painted William as a virtuous and heroic man who had to leave England due to religious persecution.  Even at an early age I smelled at rat. My studies later on confirmed my intuition; the Puritans were leaving in a huff because they couldn’t boss around the rest of England. So they picked up their (religious) marbles and left, hoping to establish a New Jerusalem on earth. Whatever the reason, it must have taken a lot of courage to go on that Journey. Such Journeys no longer exist. Mine was peanuts in comparison.

I am the 12th generation of William UrSpo. I pause on this day to think my life in Arizona (entering my 7th year). I think about William and the 11 Spos before me, bound together in a cosmic tree. Alas this branch stops with me. Happily, the tree is a large one (and full of males). My brother has 2 boys of his own, as does my cousin.

So the name lives on.

And my life goes on.