I had a lovely weekend to myself. I got a lot of sewing done: two shirts promised to others were completed, I took up the hems of pants for another friend. I even made some bermudas for myself. I may go into tailoring !

And now it is ‘summer’ viz. the time after Memorial Day. Although it is 31 May, I dismiss today and will call it ‘June”.  Back in Michigan, June was my favorite month. Often it was warm enough but not too hot, and the days seemed fresh and new like the first day of summer vacation.  Now, June in Arizona means the arrival of the very hot days. And this means excursions to get out of town whenever possible.

The calendar reminds me we have our annual outing to Flagstaff (to beat the heat) and to Palm Springs (which is ‘worse’ for heat but jolly good fun).  I have one month (!) to flatten my stomach in time for Palm Springs so I can remove my shirt and channel my inner-Musetta.  The personal trainer and I are going to have more together than to our spouses.

There are a few concerts and theatre, and a party mid-month. June looks pleasant enough.

In my copious spare time I want to get cracking on The Urspo Cookbook.  I don’t know what I am doing, but this is how blogging started, and looked how fun that turned out !   I will start by writing out the tried and true recipes and slowly incorporate into it new ‘keepers’.

I suppose at some point it ought to be published and thrusted onto my nearest and dearest. Or perhaps the point is to create it, not complete it.