There are a lot of changes happening at work; all exciting.

Last week the new doctor arrived. He is bear-shaped, with a ‘cowboy’ persona complete with a perfectly groomed corniculate mustache. He seems knowledgeable, sensible and better yet, able to set limits with loose cannons. I am pleased to have a colleague; my job is lonely and I hope to build a friendship.  And he drinks tea!

He has an award plaque in his office stating he was ‘one of the best psychiatrists’ in the Valley.  One of my patients saw this and asked me ‘where was my award”.  I explained I nearly won one in 2009 but I lost it in the swimsuit competition.

The new medical assistant arrives today. Apparently she is brilliant at handling prescriptions and phone calls. I am trying not to let my excited hopes run amok, but I hope. I hope to have my evenings and weekends freed up!  Ironically the challenge I will have with this dream come true person is allowing her to do her job. I won’t have to micromanage things anymore, for she can do it.

We moved offices, and my new one has more windows and southern exposure. It is rather hot now, but in winter time the patients will get some sunshine, a sort of ‘seasonal affective disorder’ perk for coming to see me.

All of this happens during the week I cover for the nurse practitioner, who recently announced she is leaving. The plans for ‘three prescribers’ has to be redesigned for two. This makes me the only medical man at the most busy branch of the clinic. Unless I do something intensely stupid, my job security is assured for many years.

So things are looking up at work. I hope this translates into less homework and less burn out and more time for life.