My memory seems to be going bad. I am having a lot more ‘Why did I come into this room?” moments. I start writing something only to realize I’ve written it before. Worse, someone else has written it; what I think is original material is merely parroting.

I blame my lack of sleep. Nowadays getting proper amounts of sleep is the panacea for all ills.

Last Sunday I decided to nap for 30 minutes. Several hours later I woke feeling delirious but much better thank you.

I hope with less ‘homework to do’ my hummingbird brain will have sufficient time in the evening for itself. This will hopefully lead to a more decent hour’s bed time.

The Personal Trainer is probably right: my sleep deprivation is not from work but from iphone. I need to put the damn thing down after 9PM. This is something I would slap my patients silly for doing themselves. Physician, heal thyself!

Perhaps my faulty memory is more from too much work. I feel like a pad of butter that has been spread out on too much bread.

Whatever, sleep should do me good regardless.

 “When in doubt, get horizontal” is my motto.