I finally finally FINALLY completed 2 shirts I promised to make for some fellow bloggers.

This colourful one goes to Ron –


and this ‘Curious George’ item goes to Curt –

Someone, Master of Buttons, got the buttons on and will pop the finished shirts into the post this week.


I’ve enjoyed texting a few bloggers who have honored me with their telephone numbers.  If you are interested in gabbing with me via text, please email me with your number and we can gab a bit from time to time.

We got our cars to the repair shoppe. As is the wont, the ‘routine check up’ finds items ‘must address or big trouble will happen’. I’ve learned to multiply the estimated bill by 10. I think it’s time we stop pouring money into our old jalopies and get new cars.  My rusty 2001 Honda looks a bit shoddy standing next to The Other Doctor’s (as I will call him here at Spo-Reflections)  bright red Porsche.