This evening we don’t go to the opera, but to a rock concert;

“Jethro Tull” is in town.

My first rock concert was in 1981 – and it was “Jethro Tull”.

I think the concert is called  “Aqualung; 40th Anniversary Tour”.  I recently listened to “Aqualung”. It is unsettling to realize at my age I sound a lot like Agualung.*

In 1981 I was invited by my college dormmate to go to Pine Knob. Jethro Tull was promoting their latest LP “Broadsword and the Beast”. I was into Dungeons and Dragons; I was delighted by Mr.Anderson’s music . I have been a “Tull fan” ever since.  Friends are often flabbergast to find among the opera and classical CDs  “Thick as a Brick” and “Songs from the Wood” (which I call “Elizabethan boogie)”

I remember good Mr. Anderson was no spring chicken back in the 80s. Goodness knows how old he is now; I guess about 70. I found a recent portrait to see how he weathered the decades – my goodness, he’s rather woofy!

I am looking forward to the concert. What will be more amazing to see than a 70 year old rock star running up and down the stage will be the audience. Can you imagine?  It may give a new spin to the lyric “Too old to rock and roll and too young to die”.

I am thankful to Mr. Anderson for ‘hanging in there’ and giving me this bit of nostalgia.

I just hope he doesn’t play too loud or the audience may have to turn down their hearing aids.


*Apart from ‘eyeing little girls with bad intent”.