I am pleased as punch to announce I growing tomatoes!!!!


More recent Spo-fans may not know about my zeal for growing tomatoes, or ‘toms’ as I call them.  When I lived in Michigan they were the queen crop of my vegetable garden. I love heirloom types. Every year I grew a dozen different types in colours ranging from pale yellow to dark purple. One year I harvested over 300 (it was a good year for sauces too).


Alas, I haven’t had any luck growing them in Phoenix. I was trained to grow toms in ‘zone 5’ ; now I live in “zone 10” (that’s garden talk for bloody hot!). Every year year I’ve tried without success. But, each year taught some lessons. So finally I got some!


I had to abandon heirlooms and go for (ugh) hybrids. I purchased heat tolerant ones. They have the names of ‘Heat lover’ and ‘Husky Cherry” .

I grow them in containers (not in the ground) and in the months used opposite those back in Michigan. I was also lucky; we had a cool spring, which allowed for flower production in time to produce fruit.


Now, the big question: will my toms be flavorful?  One of the reasons for growing toms is they beat store boughts by a country mile. If this works out, I may be able to try some of the more heartier heirlooms next time.


Urs Truly is a very happy Spo indeed !