I seem to be preoccupied with food. This is probably the consequence of dieting. I am not allowed to eat much of anything other than what The Personal Trainer has prescribed. Naturally, I yearn to eat things I shouldn’t.
Today I was shocked shocked shocked to read on the internet news sites research has discovered the slow continual consumption of potato chips leads to obesity.**  Starch, not sweets, are my nemesis. Chips in any form are my ultimate arch enemy and love-object. In our house, the word ‘chip’  is melded to the word ‘nasty’ for all chips are ‘nasty chips’. Alas, it is to no avail. I would gladly sell my grandmother for a bag of nasty chips. Well, I’d sell your grandmother.

All chips fall into the common category ‘nasty’ but nacho and potato chips are particularly despised (and coveted).  If you read the label of these fiends, each bag’s serving size holds only a few grams of salt and fat but each bag has 32 servings. You do the math. And nobody, least of all I, has the willpower not to devour a whole bag in one sitting.  Nasty indeed.
Someone and I don’t usually buy nasty chips, but we have the dilemma: we love salsa.  How can you eat salsa without nasty tortilla chips? We’ll make salsa for a party and buy ‘just enough chips’ only to have a few bags leftover. These are gone in no time.
As there is no ‘Chips Anonymous” to call in times of temptation, I sometimes try  eating pretzels, which are not so nasty, but these are poor seconds to a big bowl of nasty chips.

Don’t get me started on dip.

Once a year, usually on my birthday, I allow myself a large bag of potato chips (no rubbish) and a container of onion dip and make love with it until it is over in a rush of euphoria and guilt and vows ‘never again’.

This year I may get two bags – Doritos jalapeno and and Lay’s BBQ Chips.


Oh the horror.

Oh the bliss.




**Try to tell as many people as you can in town.