We are not ‘party people’, but when we throw them we like to do well. As a consequence, we have a reputation for having ‘good ones’. This ups the ante; we have a ‘reputation to uphold’.  We had a good ‘Rapture Party”, so what’s next?

Synchronicity provided us with the theme for our next soiree. A friend’s suggestion came at the we’ll have a “Pink Party” where everyone should wear pink. This concept sounded a tad fey, so I dismissed it until I began reading the biography of Kay Thompson (and how fey is that?). So, “Think Pink!” is the slogan.**

Preparation has commenced. Someone bought some pink candles. I am researching pink coloured punches.  My wardrobe is obvious:

I think the decorations and shirts are ‘pink enough’ so I nix the notion of pink food . I once made a fondue with some red wine in it which created what looked like thick Pepto-Bismal.

I suppose if the party is deemed a success, we’ll try another in another colour – Jungle Red comes to mind. Perhaps we’ll do something like “Come As Your Ex” (Can you imagine?).

Alas, as Prior says in “Angels of America” :

“It’s something you learn in your second theme party; tt’s all been done before!”




**Someone points out our colours are NOT pink but ‘blush’ and ‘bashful”