Summer is and summer does…..


It is summer: it’s hot of course, with temperatures near 115 each day. Dog walks must be done quite early and quite late so as not to burn the pooch paws on the hot pavement. The container plants need constant watering; and we’ve lost one or two plants this week.  The tomatoes wither; the peppers are putting out.


It is summer:  the ‘bulk trash’ pick up occurred this week.  We put out the sofa and some chairs the cats had attacked. I thought they were decent pieces apart from some rat tails. I thought ‘Gee, if we lived in Chicago, these would be picked up by somebody”. And lo! They were gone in less than half an hour. I am pleased someone will use them rather than they going to a dump.


It is summer: the prickly pears in the back yard look like they are going to put out a good crop of ‘pears’ this year.  I will pick them and make juice – which is bright fuchsia and tastes sort of like bubble gum or cotton candy. Just right for making sorbet for the “Think Pink” party!


It is summer; it is a time for travel and for vacation. I look forward to our holidays. We’ve already gone to Flagstaff. For the 4th of July we go to Palm Springs. In August is the annual trek to Canada.


It is summer;  Riesling wine is the vino of choice. Chilled, crisp and refreshing.  All brides are radiant and all babies are cute. In summer all Reislings are delightful.