Today is my father’s birthday: he is 75 years old. My brothers and I sent him a birthday basket of knickknacks and treats for he has everything he wants. He is truly a fortunate man: he is married over 50 years to a woman he loves. He is proud of his children and he adores his grandchildren. He is busy in retirement. In summary, he is happy and content –  how many people can say that?

When it comes to temperament and mannerisms, Father and I are alike as two peas.  Someone states he doesn’t have to imagine what it will be like growing old together, for he already sees how I will be. I sometimes wonder if he worries that if father outlives my mother, Someone could be living with TWO Spos, doubling the distraction of living with 2x the ADHD energy in the place, father and son bouncing off of each other with age as the only difference between them (although father drinks coffee)

It is assuring to see my father reach 75 happy and healthy. His own father died in his late 50s from a heart attack. As a consequence, grandfather’s three children watched their diet, ate modestly,  and took regular exercise.  I guess this is living proof that you can do something about your health; you are not a slave to your genetics.

So in honor of the day, I will have a DQ small chocolate cone, which is father’s all-time favorite treat.