This evening I am scurrying around the house trying to pack for tomorrow we drive to Palm Springs. I enjoy Palm Springs. There is nothing specific about it; I merely feel good being there. Perhaps because is a road trip to PS means ‘getting away from it all’. We are going to visit a friend who recently moved there. He announced he would live there for 6 months and determine if he liked it. Then he would scout location for some more months, prior to making a decision to stay or go. Two weeks after he arrived, we got an email he purchased a condominium and he is pleased as punch.

Palm Springs will be even hotter than Phoenix, which is saying something. According to TWC, it will be almost 120!!  We will stay at our usual place, which we haven’t seen since it was sold. I am curious to see what the new owners did to it.

Next week is my birthday, so the weekend will have shopping and shenanigans  done on the rationalization it is all about me, dammit. I may even have a long island iced tea in the middle of the day!  Scandalous I know.

Otherwise there are no plans. I can sit and do puzzles if that is all I want to do. Oh dear! I have turned into my mother! I even have butterfly glasses set with precious gems.  I’ve worked hard at getting in shape so I can take off my shirt and make all mad-jealous as I hum “Musetta’s waltz”. I must remember though to remove those glasses.

I should have plenty of time to read blogs for I will have plenty of free time. Free time! How delicious.

I will keep you posted if I do anything interesting or outrageous.