Cameron is a blogger buddy. He doesn’t seem to post anymore (worse luck ! ) but he keeps in touch, for which I am grateful. Recently he emailed he and his partner have gone through his late father’s things. They found a collection of vintage bow ties. He asked if I would like them; he didn’t know anyone else who wears them. I said I would be honored to receive them. He sent them in the post.

They are a fine collection of ‘slim line’ and regular and ‘butterfly’ styles.  I wonder from what decade they originate. The Best Friend, who has an eye for these things, may know. I suspect they are from the 40s.

They are awesome.

More marvelous than the ties themselves is the memorial that comes with them. If Cameron had donated them to Goodwill, then the next fellow how got them would have no knowledge of the previous owner. But I know. Every time I see or wear them I will think of Cameron’s father. I didn’t know the man, but I like the notion his memory lives on via these strips of silk.

I repeatedly ask my mother to write down the histories of things around the house. I ask her to label all photographs, even if she thinks ‘it is obvious’. Otherwise all is lost with the death of the owner. I want no ‘Rosebud’ questions when my brothers some day clear out my parent’s things.

Thank you Cameron, and thank you Cameron’s father may you rest in peace. Your memory will continue through these unintentional gifts given to someone you never knew.