Cable is showing all the Harry Potter movies. Someone is watching them over and over so it is non-stop HP at the Spo-house. Rather than clarifying and preparing for HP8 seeing these movies again is confusing. I can’t remember the time lines and plots. Worse, Harry et. al. keep changing ages as the movies jump around between movies #1-7.  I am eager to see HP8 if only to put them to rest – assured there is to be no HP9.

Speaking of Harry Potter, I recently woke up to discover I looked like Albus Dumbledore; in honor of turning 49 years old, the hairs on my chin overnight turned white. So I dyed them. Rather than looking younger, I now look like an queen with a bad dye job.  My solid brown whiskers are fooling nobody. Happily, my hair grows at a quick rate and I should be grizzled again in no time.

Last week Someone gave me some CDs of Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. The staff at work are rather puzzled at the change of music coming forth from my office. Overall I prefer Ms. Perry to Ms. Gaga.

Spo-fans recall I went prickly pear picking. I turned them into syrup for sorbet and margaritas for the pink party.  My party punch should be the talk of the town. 

Today at work a pharmaceutical representative was crowing with delight to me meet me. She announced she had met “every psychiatrist in the state of Arizona” – except me. And now she had. I asked if she got some sort of bonus for this accomplishment (no).  I also asked did I meet up to her fantasies of what I was like (again no).  Next time I stay behind the curtain.