I am intrigued with “The Paradox of Power”.  What this means is real Power never shows up looking “powerful”.  What looks powerless has Power and what looks powerful holds no strength. This is the real psychological point of the Christmas nativity story, to wit, the contrast between the child in the manager and Herod ‘The Great” . It illustrates how real power starts small and manifestly powerless.

In the Tarot Deck, the figure on the card for “Strength” is not a muscular brute. It is a woman, quietly and firmly closing the jaws of a frightful looking beast.

The Paradox of Power is applicable to everything we do. This a scary, for this means there is no insignificance in anything we do. We don’t know which of our daily doings sends out consequences like a ripple effect. A simple choice or gesture may alter things enough for the future to be quite different. A small matter could end up shaking the Universe.

Three examples:

I once sent a poem to a blogger buddy, thinking it would be insightful to his struggle with a particular issue. He later told me the poem was so powerful it made him cry. He hung it up to reread it; he is now on a Journey.

A patient recently told me I turned her life around. This revelation is from something I said so long ago I couldn’t remember saying it. Nor could I recall I was consciously trying to make an impact.

A Facebook friend reminded me I gave him a book over 40 years ago, a book he has cherished all his life. He turned into a reader, then into a writer. He passed this book onto his children – implying they too will be different for the book and my influence.

Mr. Sondheim says in one of his songs “Careful, no one is alone.”  As a consequence, I try to be conscious of even the smallest of my statements and actions.  For in these little matters great Power is released.