On most Saturdays I wake up with a head full of thoughts of things I want to do. In my family, these are called “Spo-chores”. When I call my brothers on Saturday mornings, they usually say “Oh, we are out running around doing Spo-chores (adding like a ritual prayer) for there is work to be done”.
When we were growing up father liked to wake us bright and early on Saturday mornings to run errands and do house projects. We were flabbergasted and aghast he not only wanted to do this, but enjoyed doing them. “There’s work to be done!” he would cheerfully crow, trying to rouse up the troops. When we ignored him, he would play the University of Michigan Fight Song at a very large volume. (I still associate this song with washing windows.) We kids despised Spo-chores; now we do them ourselves. It is another example how we turn into our parents despite vowing not to do so.

And there is work to be done. I don’t have time during the work week to do things, so the weekend is for doing those put off projects.  Today’s Saturday Spo-chore list consists of:

walking the dog


get a haircut


tidying up the yard

picking and juicing more prickly pears

There usually is a ‘fun’ Spo-list to do as well. It often includes books, reading blogs, and working on shirts. If I am fortunate then there is other activities like getting Someone to discuss politics or something like it.

Speaking of Someone, he added “see Harry Potter” to the Spo-chore list, and this isn’t part of the ‘fun’ list. This is a necessity; do not dare to question this. While I am keen to see Mr. Potter I would rather not go on opening weekend among screaming teens all talking and texting and taking photos. Going next week sounds more civilized.

But every cloud has a silver lining: going to the movies makes Someone happy and that makes me happy.  And who knows? Maybe this will get Someone to discuss politics or something like it.