Whenever I enter a used bookstore, I make a beeline to the section set aside for science fiction. I enter with a little smile, as if I were entering a salon where everyone has been waiting for me. I sense the paperbacks ataking a breath in and sending out the telepathic invitation –  “Pick me!”

I love old sci-fi paperbacks. Although they are often set in the far off future, the covers and plots scream nostalgia.  I like the 50s and 60s covers the most.


Most of my purchases are disappointments for their colourful covers and titilating dust jackets fail to produce something memorable. Right now I am reading a one dollar purchase about a man from the 1950s who wakes up in the 23rd century to a world run by women dressed in pink overalls who come across as man-hating lesbians. Its language and social ideas are terribly dated and the book is poorly written. Nevertheless it is jolly good fun, like eating a bag of greasy potato chips.


What I hope to find in these bookstore safaris is a Thumping Good Read.  The search is the proverbial needle in a haystack. Hurrah!  Every once in awhile I find a gem. For this is how I found such TGR as “The Stars my destination”,  “Childhood’s End”, and “Nostrailia”.
I very much doubt Kindle can capture this adventure: going into a back room of shelves, piled with ragged paperbacks smelling of old paper and dust and ink, picking up books that haven’t been opened in ages – and begin.