The receptionist asked me whether or not I was going to work the day after Thanksgiving. Patients are beginning to book for appointments in November. My sense that time is whizzing by is worsened with wondering about November. July isn’t even over for Pete’s sake.

This nudge reminds me if I want to go a-visiting this autumn I better start planning.  I would like to visit The Best Friend. Brother #3 in Seattle is keen on having us see his new harbor view condo.  A winter trip to Flagstaff would be nice. Someone recently inquired if I wanted to ‘go home to Michigan” for Christmas.  There is work to be done if I want any of this accomplished.

We are routine travelers. We tend to holiday in the same places at the usual times: Key West in February, Flagstaff in June, Canada in August and so on. Our budget and my time-off is limited, so if we want to go somewhere new and adventuresome we need to forgo one of the routine trips. I am keen to travel to places where blogger buddies live.

I am mildly superstitious about making travel plans, for every time we purchase our tickets something around the house falls apart – the car, the roof, an appliance, whatever – to burden us with an unexpected bill.

It seems the only travel around here is the Spo-shirt, which is approaching the one year mile marker. It’s been stuck in Elgin IL for weeks; DougT visits us this weekend; I’ve asked him to bring me the shirt so I can get it back into circulation. I am half tempted to call it quits, but this would disappoint a dozen or so Spo-fans who have been waiting their turn.